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VirtualArchitecture Project    |    Credits

project director: Professor Eugene J. Johnson

photography: Michael Gross, Barry Gross

web design: Michael Gross, Barry Gross

videography: Michael Gross, Barry Gross

audio: Barry Gross

post-production/rendering: Michael Gross, Barry Gross, Tomio Ueda, Sam Gast, Chris Yorke, Molly Purnell

conceptual design: Michael Gross, Barry Gross, Tomio Ueda, Professor Eugene J. Johnson

database: Tomio Ueda

axonometric renderings: Andrew Keating

Thanks to E.J. Johnson for helping us realize this project, and to Eva Grudin for planting the seeds. We are grateful to President Morton Owen Schapiro for his continuing support of this project, as well as Keith Finan and Anita Gutmann of the Office of the Provost, and Gayle Barton and the Williams Instructional Technology program.

The Palazzo del Te prototype could not have been realized without the support of Shawn Rosenheim, Michael Brown, and Rick Lescarbeau of Faculty Center for Media Technologies (formerly CTAH). Thanks to the Williams Office for Information Technology and the Williams Instructional Technology Program for helping fund and support the prototype.

Thanks also go to Anna Weber Kneitel, Andrew Keating, Maggie Clark, Steve Taylor, Justin Byrd, Paolo Venerando, Ugo Bazzotti, Livio Giulio Volpi Ghirardini, Molly Bourne, Dick Doughty, Turhan Yavuz, Bernie Frischer, Gregor Kalas, Jordan Engle, Virginie Soustelle, Rick Mandelkorn, and countless others without whom this project would not be successful.

Interface Version: 1.0
Updated: January 27, 2009

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