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The Virtual Architecture Project is based on high-resolution digital spherical panoramas, commonly viewed with Apple's QuickTime Virtual Reality technology. To view this site you will need the QuickTime Plugin. We recommend using Apple's Safari browser or Mozilla's Firefox browser on PCs to view the tours.

To navigate:
When a page loads you may click and drag on the image – holding the mouse button down, and dragging the cursor – in the direction that you wish to pan. You may also zoom in and out using the "+" and "-" onscreen icons (at the bottom-left of the QuickTime window) or the "Shift" and "Control" keys on your keyboard. There are hotspots embeded in most of the panoramas that allow you to navigate throughout the buildings. In some cases there are hotspots that link to high-resolution jpeg images of architectural details and paintings. To see where these hotspots are located, watch the cursor as you move it over the image. When it changes from two small concentric circles to a globe-and-hand, click to follow the link. To find the hotspots quickly, you may click on the little "?" icon at the bottom of the QuickTime window, and they will appear in opaque purple. Click the "?" icon again to hide them.

It is also possible to navigate by clicking on the pulsing "orbs" on the image of the plan, to the right of the panorama.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions: mgross@wso.williamsDOTedu

Interface Version: 1.0
Updated: January 27, 2009

  To view this site you will need the QuickTime Plugin.
  Downloading the plugin is fast and easy. Click here.